Europe Trunk Shows - Spring/Summer 2024

From Apr 15th - 20th, our tailors Messrs. Raymond Choi, Nelson Chin and David Har cordially invite you to visit us in the following cities

London and Paris

Appointments recommended (Click here for contact details). Our full itinerary is as follows.

For room number on day of visit, please ask for Mr. Raymond Choi at the hotel front desk

APR 15 - 17



22 Park Lane

London, W1K 1BE, England

+44 207 493 8000

9AM - 7PM

APR 19 -20



108 Rue Saint Lazare

75008 Paris, France

+33 1 4008 4444

9AM - 7PM

For Appointments


Since 1953, Ascot Chang has served and clothed distinguished leaders around the world. 

Rooted in our Shanghainese and Hong Kong bespoke tailoring traditions, we draw upon age-old tailoring techniques to give life to every piece of clothing. All our fabrics are sourced from the highest quality mills around the world and impeccably crafted into our handmade shirts, suits, and outerwear. 

Our tailors are painstakingly trained to the standards of Ascot Chang, many have apprenticed under him directly. We pay the utmost attention to every individual piece that comes through our workshop floor and every single step in the bespoke process. 


Steeped in our rich heritage while infusing a modern aesthetic into our craftsmanship, we passionately work with clients to create the full-service wardrobe they envision. This results in clothing that is made in a classic yet relevant style that will serve our customers for years to come.

Whether it’s your favorite business shirt, casual weekend jacket, or the tuxedo that you walk down the aisle in, our goal is for you to take part in this unique mixture of artisanal craft and personal style that yields an impeccable garment that was made just for you.